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🏆 4 International Film Award
🌟 20 International Film Selections
✨Mila is lying in bed and she can’t sleep, then her hands slide down all over her body while her mind fantasizes
🏆 1 International Film Award
🌟 6 International Film Selections
✨ An immersive sexual love experience, an orgasmic cosmic trip through music and the awakening of sexual beauty
✨ Fuck is not as important as being sweet because laughing in bed is also make love
She fills her hands with lubricant to gently penetrate him, that gives her enormous pleasure
✨ When sex goes beyond the bodies, all the energy lines up and expands in a tantric experience
✨ A real sex connection full of intimacy inspired by Kate and Chris Marley
PUSSYFLYING is a project to gives visibility and normalize all vulvas in all its shapes, colors, sizes and great diversity
PUSSYFLYING mix reality and fantasy
vulvas as butterflies, empowered and beautiful pussies being able to fly and get wherever they want
More info to receive your
own custom 🦋 PUSSYFLYING 🦋
email to

🦋 Price 290€ 🦋
I will draw you in a sexy way
melting with your partner
doing one of your fantasies
The possibilities are endless!
Many different ways for each special person!
Send email to with
your idea and let’s make something cool

Price 290€
My name is GUBY MOON
I’m an independent artist from Spain who explores the beauty of sexuality and love with a new vision
With already 25+ International Art Awards and Film Festivals, my contemporary art awakens new erotic connections
As a multidisciplinary artist, I make Erotic Film Animations, Digital Art & Poetry and work with other artists, models & companies
All this to give you the best pleasure experiences that expand all your senses

2017. Best Film. FIJR. Granada – Spain
2021. Jury Award. Premios Bonobo Film Festival. Madrid – Spain
2021. Finalist. International Shorts. Melbourne – Australia
2022. Jury Award. Premios Bonobo Film Festival. Madrid – Spain
2022. Audience Award. Premios Bonobo Film Festival. Madrid – Spain
2022. Best Film Spanish Film Blog. Premios Bonobo. Madrid – Spain
2023. Semi-finalist. Taos Pride Film Festival. New Mexico – United States
2023. Best Erotic Film. Stuff MX Film Festival. Mexico DC – Mexico
2022. EROTICA Art & Film Festival. Melbourne – Australia
2022. Stuff MX Film Festival. Mexico DC – Mexico
2022. Muestra de Cine Erótico y PosPorno de Bogotá. Bogota – Colombia
2022. OGA Visual Art Exhibitions. Rome – Italy
2023. EROTICA Art & Film Festival. Melbourne – Australia
2023. Athens Porn Film Festival. Athens – Greece
2023. Le Fesses-tival. Geneva – Switzerland
2023. San Francisco Porn Film Festival. San Francisco – United States
2023. Porn Film Festival Barcelona. Barcelona – Spain
2023. Post Pxrn Film Festival Warsaw. Warsaw – Poland
2023. World Festival of Animated Film Varna. Varna – Bulgaria
2023. Porn Film Festival Berlin. Berlin – Germany
2023. OsloErotic Film & Art Festival (OE). Oslo – Norway
2023. Queer Shorts Vienna. Vienna – Austria
2023. Queer Gestreift. Konstanz – Germany
2023. ICONA Animation Festival. Corfu – Greece
2024. Bizarrya Short Film Festival. Porto – Portugal
2024. OGA Visual Art Exhibitions. Rome – Italy
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